Brillwood Parson Russell Terriers 
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GCH Brillwood Dress Blues
GCH Brillwood Be a Man

Located in Goshen, Ohio, Brillwood is a 41 acre horse farm
approximately 35 minutes NE of Cincinnati. Brillwood is the home of Linda Edwards and her son Mac. 
We have owned Parson Russells for over 20 years, beginning
with Twiggy in 1987.  Our Parson Russells are all AKC registered,  we breed to the standard with emphasis on
temperament and proper structure. Since breeding our first
AKC litter in 2002, Brillwood has produced over 30 champions, many finishing from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class, and one
PRTAA National Specialty Winner, GCH. Brillwood Dress Blues.  In addition,  Brillwood dogs have produced All Breed
Best in Show winners in Central and South America.

Whether purchasing a Parson Russell Terrier for a pet, conformation,
or performance, temperament is of paramount importance.  A Parson Russell 
can live for 15-20 years,  so it is wise to consider a puppy that will have a suitable
disposition and one who will be an engaging companion.  Aggression is a serious
fault, and should not be tolerated.   A Parson Russell is like a toddler, it needs
rules and boundaries, not a free reign.   However, if properly trained, your
Parson Russell can be a valuable member of your family and can provide
countless hours of entertainment and joy

Brillwood Parson Russell Terriers
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